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2018: A year in review

04 March 2019

2018 was another breakthrough year for Clarity. It was a year of savings; a year when our innovative tech and […]

How big is the NHS?

15 March 2018

How do you make a workforce the size of Latvia work better? The NHS is big. It’s often said that […]

New year, new efficiencies

21 February 2018

With unprecedented pressure on our health system, the case for making better use of the resources we have – in […]

70 years of the NHS

18 January 2018

As the 70th anniversary of the National Health Service approaches, we take a look back at how the NHS has […]

What is a collaborative staff bank?

13 November 2017

At a recent REC Health and Social Care Group meeting, NHS Improvement announced that their “key objective is shifting agency […]

The Lord Carter Efficiency Calculator

27 September 2017

In Lord Carter’s Operational productivity and performance in English NHS acute hospitals report, it was found that optimising staff resource […]

Sun, sea and satisfied staff

25 September 2017

The most important asset to any company is its human capital. This is a fairly familiar tagline we will all […]

You can bank on mobile

01 August 2017

In line with the NHS Five Year Forward View, Paperless 2020 presents a real opportunity to steer management information toward […]

Will the NHS get your vote on 8 June?

06 June 2017

The NHS is being increasingly challenged by continuous cuts, strikes and, more recently, the cyber-attack which brought hospitals throughout the […]

The underestimated importance of agency staff in the NHS

03 May 2016

Agency candidates choose to work through an agency as it provides them flexibility that the NHS cannot facilitate or afford; a fact which has been highlighted by the recent junior doctor strikes over changes to their core hour working patterns.

Why NHS agency cap reporting is inadequate

11 April 2016

Faced with the largest NHS deficit to date and a £3 billion agency bill, in November 2015 the Government decided to implement a cap on the pay of agency workers within NHS trusts.

Proven solution to remove off-framework spend

21 March 2016

Off-framework agencies that have been allowed to supply into the NHS for many years have driven the rate of locum pay up and escalated commission rates to take advantage of last minute requests.