2018: A year in review

NHS workforce management

2018 was another breakthrough year for Clarity.

It was a year of savings; a year when our innovative tech and skilled teams started showing trusts just how powerful our solutions can be. 2018 was a year when NHS trusts stood up and took notice the difference Clarity can make.

Here were some of our headline achievements…

Making DE work…

Not all trusts are convinced that Direct Engagement (DE) can deliver the potential it promises. But in 2018, we proved that we can make it incredibly successful.

Across all of our clients, we recorded a 13% increase in bank hours against a huge 41% reduction in non-DE hours. Remarkably, we increased overall hours and DE compliance at the same time – a real win-win for the trusts we work with.

…And increasing DE savings

As a result of all this, we recorded a huge 11% increase in DE savings for our partners. Across the board, we’re hitting DE rates of around 80-90% – rates they didn’t think possible to begin with.

Ultimately, it all led to millions of pounds back in the pockets of NHS trusts.

Boosting bank hours and savings

Throughout the year we managed to consistently increase bank hours for all of our partners – and this led to big savings too.

In total, by increasing bank hours we saved trusts almost £2 million in 2018.

Total savings of nearly £5 million

In 2018, we saved our clients a cumulative total of £5 million.

To put that into perspective, it’s claimed that the average hospital stay costs the NHS £400. So in 2018, the savings we delivered were worth 12,500 days of patient care. It’s a stat we’re really proud of.

Getting workers interacting with our system

A persistent problem for workforce technology providers is getting candidates to engage with the technology they provide.

For us, this not only hasn’t been a barrier – it’s been a strength. In 2018, we had more than 3000 workers interacting with our systems.

Clarity on the road

We also launched a number of events to spread the word about our ground-breaking tech.

Our first roundtables with Ian Carr from Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust were conducted in London and Yorkshire. And we were also proud to exhibit at the 2018 Health and Care Innovation Expo.

Strengthening our ties with the public sector

In 2018 we were also awarded a place on G-Cloud 10.

Essentially, this ensures we can offer our ‘software as a service’ to public sector organisations. For our clients, it offers even more peace of mind – because our technology is approved and safeguarded by the UK’s most trusted framework of its kind.

Looking ahead to 2019

In 2019, it’s going to be more of the same for Clarity.

We’ll be pressing on with bigger and better events and roundtables to showcase, through the opinions of our partners, just how much difference we can make.

We’re working on a number of potential new contracts, and we’ll continue to work closely with our existing clients to maximise their potential. Our targets are getting increasingly ambitious as we continue to exceed expectations.

It’s onwards and upwards.

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Irina Buzdugan