Flexible bank pilots: it’s now or never for tech-tetchy trusts

Bank Pilots

With agency spend continually under scrutiny, trusts have been scrambling to pilot new and flexible bank systems over recent years. As ever, the intention is good: a modern and efficient in-house bank can reduce agency spend while increasing shift fill rates.

But a number of problems are apparent. Some trusts continue to work with legacy technology that isn’t fit for purpose. Some trusts are choosing systems that lack the flexibility demanded by our challenging landscape. And others aren’t trying bank pilots at all.

How we’re helping trusts with bank pilots

Claritystaffbank is currently being piloted with Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust (MYHT) and Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust (NUHT). And the benefits of our system – one of the newest and most innovative on the market – have been plentiful.

At MYHT, we’ve turned a paper-based medical bank into a highly efficient digital one – and saved £1.5 million in just five months. As a result of our efforts, bank and agency fill rates have risen from 70% to 96%, and we’ve reduced agency spend by 19%. Furthermore, compliance has been bolstered, and we were recently £960,000 under the NHSI agency ceiling target. Bigger savings, better fill rates and improved compliance – all thanks to faith in our technology.

Staffbank technology


Anecdotally, one of the key drivers of success was the Clarity app. Ian Carr, Associate Director of the trust, suggested the ‘easy to use app’ was a principal factor in growing the number of doctors on the bank from 47 to more than 700. That’s the power of intuitive tech – tech that feels as contemporary as everything else we use in our daily lives.

Our workforce technology is as easy to use for rota managers as it is end users. But even more importantly, the in-house banks we implement are completely flexible and adaptable. That makes the changing goalposts of compliance a non-issue, and it means we can rapidly change our technology to suit your needs.

Bank pilots are a vital opportunity to test the water of ground-breaking tech. And when you partner with a pioneer like Clarity, you get to see what the future looks like.

Time is running out for those who aren’t testing tech

It’s not difficult to imagine a time in the near future when technology is ubiquitous with bank management. It’s also easy to envisage bank workers simply refusing to engage with trusts that don’t offer the simplicity and reliability of digitally slick systems.

Towards the end of last year, it was announced that the NHS would trial a gig economy style app for nurses in 2018. On a local level, hospitals throughout the country are running bank pilot schemes. Meanwhile, our new Health Secretary Matt Hancock has previously launched his own smartphone app and is heavily focused on tech improvements in the NHS.

NHS Trust


Then you have the wider landscape – the world our nurses and doctors live in. Even Luddites own smartphones, have a number of apps to make their busy lives more convenient, and get frustrated when Wi-Fi isn’t working quickly enough. The technology we all enjoy gets exponentially better every year, and our expectations of technology therefore get exponentially higher. Just a few years ago, we looked at touchscreen capability in our pockets with wonder – now, devices without this capability seem like ancient relics.

Put simply, the world of healthcare workforce planning, as well as the wider world around us, is moving too fast to stand still. Bank pilots are essential – but even more important are those that trial genuinely innovative technology that will bring about the radical changes trusts yearn for.

If you’re ready to take the plunge, start with a demo of our software. Compared to many of the options on the market, we’re light-years ahead.


Irina Buzdugan