How our tech is helping locums and trusts in equal measure

Clarity locums app

It’s fair to say that tech has, historically, been slow to work its way through the different facets of the NHS – and the workforce is no different. But proudly, we’re part of a tide that’s turning.

With pressure to reduce agency spending mounting, trusts have been rightly shifting their focus to implementing or strengthening, their in-house banks. We’ve helped to rectify this issue across the UK, saving trusts like Mid Yorkshire Hospitals millions in the process.

But introducing or improving in-house banks is just one part of the puzzle. Increasingly, there’s a need for slick and intuitive apps that allow locums to connect with banks. As consumers, our expectations have changed because of technology – and those expectations feed into everything we do. NHS workers are no different.

The Claritystaffbank mobile app

The goal of our app was to make life easier for trusts and locum workers. So we surmised that there were two key goals: to allow shift workers to manage everything from choosing shifts to getting paid on their phone and to allow them to do it easily.

Technology like this often falls short by not covering everything the user needs to do – but we proudly managed to avoid that particular pitfall. The clarity app is a true end-to-end solution, allowing locum workers to:

  • Update availability
  • View, accept, request, cancel and manage shifts
  • Accept timesheets quickly and easily
  • Upload expense receipts straight from your phone
  • View all of your assignments – past, present and future
  • Access any useful docs that a trust uploads
  • Access supplier records

Importantly, all of this is updated in real-time, and notifications are provided where relevant. So shift workers get the same, around-the-clock, on-the-go convenience that they expect of tech. And for trusts, that’s a powerful tool.

As we’re finding with our customers, the journey from getting agency workers to a bank can be sold far more easily if the journey is a simple one. And a locum shift app puts all the power in the hands of staff. It reduces the administrative burden for all parties, and it allows locum workers to secure shifts more quickly.

Don’t let your trust get stuck in the past

If you’re working to move agency workers to bank but not offering the benefits of a purpose-built locum shift app, you’re making your job harder.

We regularly flip agency and bank fill rates within months, and we know from first-hand experience that our app plays a key role. Agencies work hard to support locum workers and to do everything they can on their behalf, but there are limits to what they can do. A locum shift app like ours can go well beyond those limits, making life easier and better for your workers. It’s an opportunity you simply must not miss.

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Irina Buzdugan