NHS Innovation Accelerator: a green light for ground-breaking tech in UK healthcare

NHS Innovation

The NHS Innovation Accelerator (NIA), launched by NHS England, is a landmark for innovation in Britain’s healthcare services.

The NIA has outlined why innovation is so vital for the NHS’ future – citing several case studies from various trusts. And in doing so, innovation across every aspect of healthcare has effectively been given a significant boost. The evidence is here – so now is the time to act.

We’re a proven innovator in the area of healthcare workforce technology, with several trusts already utilising and advocating our services. Our unique bank and rostering platforms make managing, monitoring and rostering staff far more efficient. Here, we briefly point out how and why our biggest strengths are perfectly aligned with the key aims and views of the NIA.

Innovation only works in partnership

The NIA states that one of the hallmarks of successful innovation projects is a strong relationship built between ‘the innovators and the adopter system’. In other words, it isn’t just the innovation itself that matters, but the support network behind it.

At Clarity, we pitch to clients what we describe as a ‘partnership approach’. It’s an approach underpinned by having full-time team members on-site for implementation, transition and beyond. For Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, it was the principle reason we won the contract at tender.

Our team members are so well integrated they regularly get mistaken for being trust workers. They typically have experience of working within trusts, so understand not only the inner workings of our workforce technology but the inner workings of our clients.

Historically, good ideas in the NHS have sometimes failed because the challenge of adoption was underestimated. It’s a mistake we’ve never made because we’re always a partner.

The importance of funded trials

Several examples cited by the NIA illustrate the value of trials for NHS trusts. In every example, the trial either provided evidence for the innovation or helped the trust to truly understand the benefits.

It was also made clear that funding was a key issue. This brought to mind the success we have had in offering trials of our ground-breaking solutions. With Nottingham University Hospitals, we’ve been running a bank trial that’s already making significant progress. And importantly, we’ve been running the trial for free – entirely removing the funding headache.

We’re smart enough to appreciate the need for trials – and evidently, the NIA is too.

Selling the innovation internally

It’s well known that new systems and processes in NHS trusts normally face some resistance. And it’s not hard to understand why given the challenges NHS workers face on a daily basis.

So, as the NIA suggests in one particular case study, thorough internal marketing campaigns play an important role in integrating new systems or processes. Once again, this is a point on which we’re very much aligned.

Through a large on-site presence, targeted marketing campaigns and well-promoted events, we always work hard with our partners to explain why we’re there and what the benefits are. With Mid Yorkshire, we’ve used a wide variety of marketing techniques, from branded collateral to a comms campaign, to hit the ground running. And as well as easing the implementation of new technology, it’s also helped us to improve the bank fill rate – one of the trust’s key goals.

The need for adaptability

The NIA also suggests that the most successful innovators in the NHS have been those that are able to work flexibly.

Flexibility is part of Clarity’s DNA. Before we developed our solutions, we recognised that inflexibility was one of the biggest issues with bank and rostering platforms. They didn’t sync well with existing systems, and they weren’t malleable enough to adapt to changing legislation and demands. From the beginning, we built technology that could adapt and flex at every turn.

Unsurprisingly, we currently work with all our clients in very different ways – and every trust has their own, unique version of our platforms. The demands of NHS workforces aren’t rigid – so the technology that supports them can’t be either.

Clarity webinars, coming soon to a screen near you…

The best way to see the benefits of our innovative workforce technology is to see it in action for yourself.

We’re going to run a number of webinars that showcase our most popular platforms – namely Claritystaffbank and Clarityroster. A mix of our own experts and our most trusted clients will be running these, so if you’d like to get an inside look at what makes us tick, get in touch with us today.


Irina Buzdugan