NHSI’s bank strategy – what does it mean for your trust?

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NHS Improvement recently announced they will be implementing a 3-part bank strategy to support NHS Trusts and STPs in introducing cost-effective collaborative staff banks. All STPs must have a bank in place, or in development, by the end of 2017.

This is part of NHSI’s wider strategy to reduce reliance on medical locums and shift workers back into a more cost-effective bank setting.

Establishing an internal staff bank is a proven method of reducing agency reliance and spend for trusts. Essentially, if a trust has a bank of fully-compliant workers to call upon to fulfil rota gaps, reliance on medical locums will dramatically decrease. NHSI has proposed various models of collaborative banks which trusts can implement, but the aim remains the same; reduce agency spend.

Trusts will find a list of approved bank solution providers under the following frameworks:

Clarity is named as an approved supplier on all of the above frameworks. We are an end-to-end workforce solutions provider and, while we believe workforce planning should ultimately begin with efficient rostering, we supply NHS Trusts with bank technology via the Claritystaffbank system.

As such, we are acutely aware of the challenges trusts face when it comes to balancing safer staffing and slimmer budgets with workforce supply and demand, and are well positioned to assist trusts with adhering to reduction of agency spend through shifting agency workers back into a bank setting.

Claritystaffbank is a flexible alternative to rigid traditional models and saves trusts time, money and resource through:

  • Effective deployment/scheduling of substantive, bank and agency staff
  • Fast vacancy publishing to bank staff, with the ability to post multiple shifts at once
  • Streamlined payroll
  • Allowing candidates to self-register and self-select shifts
  • Mobile app: can SMS workers the second vacancies become available. That means less manual input and more shifts fulfilled
  • Seamless integration with other technology solutions
  • Robust compliance: monitors Working Times Directives, Junior Doctor hours and compliance documents
  • Auto-matching internal candidates based on availability, skills, compliance and location
  • Real-time management information reporting on bank performance and usage

With this in mind, now is an opportune time for trusts and collaborative STPs to look to their counterparts in the technical software recruitment space as a means to manage the latest dictate. In addition, a staff bank solution can bring visibility and control of temporary staffing spend to the fore, alleviate financial pressures and provide Trusts with the peace of mind that they have an efficient system which will result in the cost efficiencies they have been tasked with.

In short, those who have reporting, people and budget management responsibilities can turn to us, secure in the knowledge that we’re already delivering for trusts what the NHSI initiative dictates.

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