The 2018 Health and Care Innovation Expo

NHS Expo 2018

This year’s Health and Care Innovation Expo took place at the Manchester Central Convention Complex on the 5th and 6th of September.

We arrived in high spirits, well-rested and ready to exhibit our innovative healthcare tech products to delegates. This year’s Clarity exhibitors were:

Ollie Lewis– Account Director
Irina Buzdugan – Marketing Manager (myself)
Simon Kealy – Business Development Manager

The exhibition stand

Upon arrival, myself and the team were thrilled to see how well the design of the stand came together. All that time spent in preparation for perfection really did pay off. It made us even more eager to start the day and receive some productive foot traffic. Our complimentary branded shopping bags were a hit and visitors eagerly read our Mid Yorks Case Study to find out how we managed to save £1.5 million in 5 months.

Expo team


How day 1 unfolded

The Expo kicked off early with the majority of delegates arriving at 8:30 am. We met delegates from all walks of life like Technical Directors, Senior Advisers, Directors of Operations, Doctors, Consultants and even Finance Managers of the NHS. We had some really genial conversations with visitors and listened to the challenges they were facing. We think that was one of the special qualities about the Expo: everyone was facing a particular challenge and it was constructive to share them with each other to see if some inspiration could be found for a solution.

NHS Expo 2018


Day 2

The Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Matt Hancock, arrived at the Expo to visit NHS stands and give a talk.

“The truth is, it is not the technology that is holding us back. Just being able to make the best use of technology that has already been invented would transform health and care in this country. In all my experience of digital transformation, it’s no different. Only 10% of the challenge is the tech. 90% of the challenge is the culture.”

Matt Hancock


In conclusion of the event

We met interesting delegates who shared their challenges and they listened to the amazing success we’ve had in overcoming our own. We put a smile on people’s faces with our complimentary marketing materials and made a lot of connections who might need our services in the near future.

All in all, it was a great turnout and a well-organised event. To see more pictures from this event, click here.


Irina Buzdugan