Clarity currently operates 13 managed service contracts across NHS Trusts, local authorities and private healthcare organisations.

Our innovative technology, experience and understanding of the healthcare staff markets have ensured these contracts continue to deliver value and quality for money.

What our clients say

Clarity’s innovative technology provided Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust with real-time management information which allowed us to regain control over temporary staffing and identify opportunities to reduce agency spend and use. The insights gained from this system will save the Trust at least £650K

Sarah Holliehead, Head of Strategic Sourcing, Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust


I would highly recommend Clarity to any NHS organisation. The Mid Yorkshire NHS Trust approached Clarity to support the improvement of our internal processes and commercial arrangements for the management of locum doctors. Clarity surpassed all expectations and has helped the Trust formulate a clear improvement plan that has saved the Trust circa £1.2 million of annualised savings.

Neil Bowman, Head of Business Delivery, Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust

The implementation of the Clarity service is an excellent example of how to manage relationships and build trust between a supplier and a client. With effective, targeted communications and constant availability of the team, we have built a lasting collaboration. The support throughout the project has been second to none.

Julie Stupart, Head of HR, Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust


Looking ahead, we are anticipating looking at other areas of our business and working with Clarity to identify new process and cost efficiencies

Michael Davison, Project Manager – resource management team, York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Initially I thought the move to Clarity was going to be a difficult and stressful one. There were a few hiccups along the way with settling it up but Sophie Ault has been excellent at responding to my queries very quickly and efficiently. I now reliably receive payment on a weekly basis which is something I couldn’t guarantee before Clarity. Tracey in compliance also ran a one to one BLS course for me as this was due, which I thought was a very good service. On the whole for me it has been a positive experience. Thanks!

Dr. Rana, Specialty Doctor of Surgery at Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust

Tracey, thanks for your help with my compliance file, you’ve been really helpful! Having recently had dealings with other organisations on compliance, I have to say that you have been outstanding in comparison! 

Ben, Bank Doctor at Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust

I have seen the potential of the Clarityroster system and feel sure it is the most efficient way of managing ALL clinical rosters and staff supply in both Acute and Community NHS settings in the future. Firstly, it provides a SAFE umbrella platform to host all substantive, bank and agency workers, doctors job planning and existing nurse rostering systems. In bringing those systems together, it is able to create a multi-disciplinary team roster based on the premise that skills should be a critical factor in planning how to accommodate individual working patterns and maximise shift availability of all professions. Having implemented numerous roster systems in my career, Clarityroster is the only system that will help Trusts maximise the benefits realisation of their existing systems and develop new ways of tackling the ever increasing problem of an over reliance on a temporary workforce. Finally, it provides real time data to better aid staffing on a day to day basis.

Bev Edgar, Director of HR & Organisational Development, Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust

Latest case studies

Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust in Partnership with Claritystaffbank

Clarity transforms a paper based medical bank into a highly efficient in house Staffbank, saving £1.5 million in 5 months.

The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust (MYHT) was running a paper-based in-house medical staff bank that was blighted by problems associated with excel spreadsheets, paper time-sheets, a monthly payroll, limited compliance and an absence of reporting on performance and cost.

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Claritystaffbank helps Viapath get much-needed visibility

Viapath is a unique partnership of clinical, scientific and operational expertise, with a mission to transform pathology services in the UK. The organisation is built on scientific expertise, providing a service that helps clinicians create better outcomes for their patients every day…

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Worcestershire Acute Hospital NHS Trust

Medical Locum review at NHS Acute Trust saves £2.9 million

In partnership with Clarity, the managed services division of HCL Workforce Solutions, the Trust undertook an extensive review of its staffing requirements which revealed…

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Frameworks we are on

CCS G Cloud 10

Provision of:
E-rostering, bank and agency management, direct engagement services

CCCS Workforce Management

Provision of:
Bank and agency services

CCS Multidisciplinary

Provision of:
Neutral vendor services


Provision of:
Neutral vendor services


Provision of:
Agency & Direct Engagement services

HTE Total Workforce Solutions

Provision of:
E-roster software, demand management software, managed bank and agency solution

NHS CPP National Clinical Staffing Framework

Provision of:
Neutral vendor services


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