Healthcare on the Front Line

IT crisis in MOD

How many lives must we risk before they listen?

A recent article in The Times drew attention to the “IT chaos in healthcare” putting troops’ lives at risk. How many patients must be affected before parliament acknowledges the state of disarray in medical IT?  How many service personnel must have their cancer treatments delayed, appointments cancelled, the wrong prescriptions given, for decision makers to realise we have a serious problem on our hands?

These are our troops. Brave men and women putting their lives on the line for our us every day. The utmost priority in the armed forces should be to provide service personnel with world-class IT systems. An optimally functioning IT system ensures safety when it comes to providing correct treatment and unburdening GP check-ups.

In need of a permanent tech salvation

The vexations of the Ministry of Defence are also apparent in the NHS when it comes to outdated technology. A Colonel by the name of Glynn Evans, chairman of the armed forces committee of the British Medical Association (BMA) made a strong point: “If a similar technology debacle had happened in the NHS, surgeries would have been shut down.” A doctor, who asked to remain anonymous, claimed that dealing with the MoD’s patient records system was more stressful than deploying to Afghanistan.

Outdated Technology


Our question is: why? Why blatantly disregard an element so crucial to effective treatment? The IT chaos in healthcare within the Ministry of Defence reminds us of another behemoth in need of a permanent tech salvation…The current inefficient and outdated technology within the NHS that is costing Trusts exorbitant sums of money. Staff are leaving due to constant frustrations as well as inconveniencing clinicians and patients.

When will things change?

We are living in a time where advanced technology penetrates every aspect of our lives from social networks and virtual reality, to advanced mobile phones and self-driving cars.

Why can’t we place as much emphasis on superior technology where it matters the most: our healthcare?


Irina Buzdugan