NHS England’s Staff Survey

NHS England’s latest Staff Survey 2017

The NHS England’s latest Staff Survey for 2017 is now available to download.

In response to the results Claire Billenness, Managing Director of Clarity Workforce Technology, commented:

These results are very concerning, but frustratingly, do not exceed our expectations.

There are a vast array of reasons for the NHS’s workforce crisis, ranging from the damaging limits being placed on qualified overseas medical staff wanting to work in the NHS, and not training enough medical staff domestically. However, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has been explicit about how technology presents a ‘real opportunity’ to improve standards in the NHS, and our experience can certainly evidence that the ancient technologies being used to roster and manage staff in hospitals are adding considerable strain to overstretched workers.

As a supplier of workforce management technology, while it is clear there are widespread staffing shortages, there is so much more the system could do to encourage the uptake of more innovative technologies that can help trusts plan their workforce needs and give current staff greater flexibility.


Claire Billenness

Managing Director