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Clarity Workforce Technology provides intuitive software solutions to the challenges of managing a contingent workforce.  From agency engagement through to bank staff management, our solutions are specifically designed to deliver full control and visibility of your workforce, resulting in substantial cost savings and process efficiencies for all connected parties.

About us

Clarity Workforce Technology was founded in 2011 with a clear goal of bringing process efficiencies and cost savings to the way in which Trusts engage with their locum and bank populations. Through our web enabled application, Trusts are able to maximise fill rates, monitor compliancy and gain full visibility of all associated costs. Delivering substantial savings and tighter control of temporary staffing spend.

Clarity has grown substantially since its inception, now supporting over 12 NHS Trusts and Local Authorities, as well as having established a presence within the Education sector. Our product offering is a reflection of our Clients needs and requirements having been designed and configured for each marketplace we support, all with the same vision of optimising staff fulfilment, reducing costs and enhancing processes.

Facts and Figures

In the financial year 2019 / 20 Clarity Workforce Technology has processed:



In savings through Direct Engagement



Spent on temporary staffing



Hours filled



Bank hours

Clarity's Offering

Clarity has tailored and honed its technology offering focusing on two core markets; the Health and Social Care sector and the Education sector. For a more detailed overview of our products, please see Clarity Health or Clarity Education.

Our Key Benefits

Clarity Workforce Technology has built up a comprehensive product suite ranging from Roster planning to Agency management enabling our clients to fully engage with their workforce whilst delivering the following key benefits:

Substantial Cost Savings

Security & Compliance

Operational Efficiency

Framework Compliant

Supplier Transparency

Management Information & Reporting

Mobile Enabled

Increased Fill Rates


CSS RM3711
G Cloud 11
HTE Total Workforce Solution
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Awards and Accreditations

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