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Our mission is to make rostering, managing, and monitoring agency and bank staff more efficient. Find out more about what makes Clarity Workforce Technology different.

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Clarity is an end-to-end workforce management solution which optimises staff resource by providing powerful real-time management information and workforce planning know-how.

Our technology enables NHS Trusts to drive down spiralling staff costs while continuing to manage and deliver high quality, fully compliant staff. Our products include Clarityroster, Claritystaffbank and Clarityagency.

We currently operate 13 managed service contracts across local authorities, NHS Trusts, and private healthcare organisations, continuously delivering value and quality for money. Find out more about what our clients think and how we have helped improve workforce planning and management.

“The implementation of the Clarity service is an excellent example of how to manage relationships and build trust between a supplier and a client. With effective, targeted communications and constant availability of the team, we have built a lasting collaboration. The support throughout the project has been second to none.”

Julie Stupart, head of HR at Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust 

“Clarity’s innovative technology provided the Trust with real-time management information which allowed us to regain control over temporary staffing and identify opportunities to reduce agency spend and use. The insights gained from this system will save the Trust at least £650K"

Sarah Holliehead, Head of Strategic Sourcing, Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust

“I would highly recommend Clarity to any NHS organisation. Clarity surpassed all expectations and has helped the Trust formulate a clear improvement plan that has saved the Trust circa £1.2 million of annualised savings.” 

Neil Bowman, Head of Business Delivery, Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust

“I have seen the potential of the Clarityroster system and feel sure it is the most efficient way of managing ALL clinical rosters and staff supply in both Acute and Community NHS settings in the future. Firstly, it provides a SAFE umbrella platform to host all substantive, bank and agency workers, doctors job planning and existing nurse rostering systems. In bringing those systems together, it is able to create a multi-disciplinary team roster based on the premise that skills should be a critical factor in planning how to accommodate individual working patterns and maximise shift availability of all professions. Having implemented numerous roster systems in my career, Clarityroster is the only system that will help Trusts maximise the benefits realisation of their existing systems and develop new ways of tackling the ever increasing problem of an over reliance on a temporary workforce. Finally, it provides real time data to better aid staffing on a day to day basis.”

Bev Edgar, Head of People Strategy at NHS Improvement

“I have used Claritystaffbank now for a few weeks to input locum shifts and enjoyed the benefits of the really handy app and computer interfaces and of course getting paid weekly. This is such a better system than the old paper forms and makes it much more user friendly – plus, if people can do a locum one week and see the pay in their account the next week I’m sure it will only act as an incentive to people to pick up shifts.”

Dr. Lucie Cocker, Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust

“Looking ahead, we are anticipating looking at other areas of our business and working with Clarity to identify new process and cost efficiencies.”

Michael Davidson, project manager of the resource management team at York Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

“Clarity’s support has been great. At the beginning of our project, I spoke to the team almost daily. We could always rely on the support line if we had any challenges with the system and they were very friendly. I would recommend Clarity to any healthcare provider looking for help in managing their temporary staffing and, in fact, I have done already! The system is very user-friendly, self-explanatory and straight-forward to use. I would be surprised if any NHS Trust could achieve the same level of control and visibility without a system like Clarity’s.”

Paul Sadler, Head of Temporary Staffing

“The Trust undertook a rigorous search to identify a partner with whom to take the next steps in its journey to better manage its internal bank for medical staff and the search for agency medical locums where required. Clarity Workforce have shown over the first five months of the contract that our choice of partner was justified with some significant achievements in such a short period. Through their dedicated support on site and easy to use app we have grown our internal bank to in excess of 700 doctors from an initial starting point of 47 and seen a significant increase in shifts booked and filled with internal bank locums as well as helping us to take action to reduce the cost per hour of agency locums. Their impact has been such that for the first five months of the year the Trust has delivered below NHS I ceiling level for our agency locum provision.”

Ian Carr, Associate Director at Mid Yorks Hospitals NHS Trust 

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