Clarity Education

Through Clarity’s experience of working in the Health and Social Care markets it was a natural progression to start looking at how we could support in the management of temporary staff into the Education sector.

From colleges through to universities, the solution is flexible enough to support all recruitment needs, whether it is required for a single department or multiple sites and locations, all our solutions can be tailored to deliver maximum benefits to our Education partners. Most notable Clarity Education DE, can deliver substantial cost saving supporting our clients in saving up to 17% on their temporary staffing spend by ensuring that VAT is only payable on agency commission.

Facts and Figures

Over the years we have supported our clients in achieving a streamlined recruitment process which delivers increased fill rates, whilst minimizing costs. Here are just a few examples of the Clarity’s Workforce Technologies key achievements:



Direct engagement saves Mid Yorkshire Hospital Trust £1.5 million in 12 months



80% increase in shifts filled by Bank staff at South Central Ambulance Service



Savings of over £1.5 million achieved for Birmingham Children’s Trust



Clarity DE enables VAT & efficiency savings of up to 21%

Software Solutions

Clarity Education - Agency

Clarity Education Agency delivers a streamlined and transparent software solution to support Education providers in managing their various temporary recruitment needs.
The Agency model provides an end to end solution for managing agency engagement and spend. From shift creation and requisitioning through to time sheeting and invoicing, the system has multiple approval methods to ensure that control of agency requirements and the associated costs are always approved and monitored by the right people. It is fully auditable and provides detailed management information, supporting our clients in monitoring and achieving their budget and recruitment goals.

Clarity Education – Staff Bank

Clarity Education StaffBank, enables our education partners to make the best possible use of their bank workforce whilst helping them to reduce recruitment costs. The solution ensures bank workers have first refusal of any additional shifts prior too engaging agencies, which considerably raises bank staff engagement, whilst controlling agency spend in the process. The solution delivers fast and transparent communication with your internal bank, leading to increased fill rates and minimising the requirement to engage agency or contract staff on a regular basis. It enables our clients to utilise their bank staff more efficiently and effectively, delivering considerable cost savings.

Clarity Education DE

Clarity Education Direct Engagement model supports our partners in making substantial cost savings on the engagement of their temporary workforce by directly contracting their agency workers for the period of their assignment, ensuring that VAT is only payable on agency commission. Our in-built invoicing and self-billing modules minimises costly and inefficient paper billing processes and on average clients can expect to see a 2.5% reduction on spend, with a further 1% of savings due to improved accuracy of payments and a reduction in fraudulently claimed hours. Coupled with the VAT savings that DE guarantees, our clients save an estimated 21% in a single year.

Clarity Education – Roster

Clarity Education Roster Solution has been developed on an activity-based model, the solution looks to understand the task or activities that a College or University needs to achieve and the associated workforce requirements. It then auto-rosters the available workforce against these activities based on a host of variables including; worker preferences, skills, suitability and compliance requirements. It is powerful enough to know the requirements of a department and bring all required resources together in one single click and has the capability to track complex reward packages at the same time as giving workers greater control over their work patterns.

Clarity Education DE & KPMG

Since 2014 Clarity Workforce Solutions has been supported by KPMG to help develop and implement our Direct Engagement (DE) solution. Through our alliance relationship with KPMG we developed this solution with appropriate consideration of the tax, pensions and employment law implications for Clarity and our customers. 

The Direct Engagement solution provides an opportunity for organisations to engage directly, usually on an employment contract, with temporary staff that are introduced by an agency.

This alternative to a typical ‘agency worker’ supply, allows for a VAT saving on the payment made to the temporary staff member. The key to the success of Clarity’s system is the way this is done in practice, with due care and consideration of the tax and practical implications and the support we receive from KPMG. 

In addition to the VAT efficiency generated by direct engagement, our solution also delivers immediate additional savings of up to 5% of temporary staffing spend through process improvements and greater transparency of rates and cost.

Features & Benefits


Clarity Workforce Technologies can be specifically tailored to suit any clinical requirements or department needs. From compliance through to invoicing, we can adapt our solution to ensures that maximum benefit can be received by all.

Mobile Enabled

Our entire product suite is fully mobile enabled, this delivers easy access for candidates utilising the app through to managers and agencies managing departmental requirements on the go.

Cost Savings

Our Recruitment Software solutions deliver full control of financial spend of your temporary workforce. From budget approval through to fixed agency rates and Direct Engagement, we have a proven record in supporting our clients to achieve substantial cost savings.

Transparency and Visibility

Clarity workforce Technologies offers our clients the ability to effectively manage their temporary workforce whilst maintaining full view of all requirements and associated costs. Supporting them in achieving their target spend and keep track of any consistent shortfalls in staffing.

Concise and Impactful Management Information

Our solutions offer a suite of reporting functionality and in conjunction with Tableau, we are able to provide our clients with robust and meaningful data of their temporary workforce requirements.

Accurate Timesheeting and Invoicing

All Clarity’s solutions offer e-timesheeting driven from the shift date, this ensure that the data submitted by your temporary workers is accurate as possible. With online approval required prior to invoice generation, this ensures nearly 100% accuracy of your invoices. Our processes considerably reduce the time and effort spent on invoice consolidation and dramatically improve department efficiency.

Control & Compliance

Our workforce management solutions offer a robust and stringent compliancy module. Only appropriately qualified staff with the relevant security checks, will be enabled to work open assignments. Ensuring that best practise is always adhered too.

Streamlined Recruitment Processes

Clarity Workforce Technologies offer an end to end solution delivering a streamlined recruitment process. Our software enables our clients to manage various staffing groups and recruitment requirements from one integrated system, providing full oversight whilst maximising efficiencies.


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