Our Products

Our solutions offer an innovative approach to managing the delivery, engagement, compliance and invoicing of all temporary staffing requirements. They can be tailored to any hospital department or college, streamlining internal processes whilst offering a number of cost saving methodologies.

Clarity's Offering

Clarity has tailored and honed its technology offering focusing on two core markets; the Health and Social Care sector and the Education sector. For a more detailed overview of our products, please see Clarity Health or Clarity Education.

Facts and Figures

Over the years we have supported our clients in achieving a streamlined recruitment process which delivers increased fill rates, whilst minimizing the associated costs. Here are just a few examples of the Clarity’s Workforce Technologies key achievements:



Direct engagement at Nottingham University Hospital Trust produces a VAT saving of over £1.17 million in 12 months



Mid York’s NHS Trust have achieved savings of £3.6million in FY18/19 and over £6 million to date



92% fill rates on all vacancies for Birmingham Children’s Trust



80% increase in shifts filled by Bank staff at South Central Ambulance Service

System Solutions

Clarity Workforce Technologies software solutions deliver tighter controls and visibility of your workforce

Supplier Management

Clarity Workforce Technology has nearly a decade of experience when it comes to vetting and onboarding suppliers. We know that creating a seamless and efficient process for suppliers ensures costs stay low. Our proven process reduces the risk of compliance oversight and makes it simple to engage the most qualified suppliers. Our technology automates supplier administration, compliance monitoring, supplier onboarding, insurance compliance, and contract compliance. In addition to this, clients will have access to real-time reports and a full-service data repository enabling better forecasting and management of business needs.


For all our clients, staff compliance is imperative to the delivery of their services. Our solutions allow them to define a strict set of rules that must be adhered to in order to supply staff. Whether it is for legislative reasons or corporate policy, the ability to configure the process flow and rule engines within the technology enables our clients to adopt the latest ‘best practice’. Ensuring they are safe in the knowledge that Clarity Workforce Technology prevents them from breaking any compliance or legislative rules.

Process Management

With nearly 10 years of industry experience, we understand the challenges involved with changing processes on a large scale. Our knowledge and expertise enable us to guide you through what can be a very complicated process. Our team of industry experts are here to help you implement, plan, execute and communicate change in the right way. Ensuring maximum benefit can be derived from our solutions.

Invoice Management

Our workforce solution allows you to manage your entire invoicing process with ease. Paperless receipts, electronic payments and processing efficiency are all part of the service. You can track receipt activity, check activity logs, track deliverables and implement receivable steps processes, allowing you to automate your existing manual and paper processes. Empowering your employees to create, submit and approve requisitions.

Our Clients

Over the past 10 years, Clarity Workforce Technology has established a strong presence within the Health and Social Care sector. Here is a selection of some of our customers who have benefitted from the use of our intuitive solutions. 

Different Offerings

Clarity Agency can support various recruitment management models, be that Neutral Vendor recruitment model,
a Master Vendor recruitment model or SaaS (software as service).

Software as Service

All Clarity’s software solutions can be provided on a software as a service (SaaS) basis, supplied for the clients to utilise and be managed by their in-house recruitment team. The client will select their preferred suppliers and set appropriate cascading rules for assignments to be released to their preferred agencies. This allows our client full autonomy to manage their recruitment process in-house, safe in the knowledge that costs are controlled and off framework spend is eradicated. Providing them with intuitive solutions that maximises fill rates, whilst delivering full transparency of their contingent workforce.


Under a neutral vendor model, the implementation team will work with our clients and their managed service provider to identify suitable framework agencies and build an “approved agency supplier list”. Based on contract terms and costs, the approved agencies can then be added to a tiering list, ensuring that when a shift is published, the most cost-effective resource is recruited wherever possible. Cascading the open shifts to each agency after a specific period of time. In turn, delivering tighter control of agency spend for the end client and minimising cost in the process.


Master Vendor Model, is when a client utilises a managed service provider to oversee all of their recruitment needs in house. Clarity Agency can support the managed service supplier to deliver a streamlined and transparent service to the end client. In the event that the Managed Service Provider (MSP) is unable to meet the trusts recruitments needs themselves, Clarity Agency will cascade the open shifts to a pre-approved list of secondary suppliers (Agencies). Ensuring maximum fill rates are achieved and that staff are supplied at the most cost-effective rate.


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